Lava Island Falls N/A

Location: Bend, Deschutes National Forest, Deschutes County
Stream: Deschutes River
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

Lava Island Falls is a huge disappointment. Mainly because you can not even see the falls! Essentially, the trail along the west side of the Deschutes River is separated from the river by Lava Island. The waterfall is along the river on the other side of the island, and so is not visible from the west side of the river. It would be easiest to see the falls from the east side of the river, but this is not accessible because of private property. The brochure we have indicates that you can see the falls from the trail on the west side of the river, but we saw no such possibility. It is possible we did not walk far enough along the trail, but we did walk quite a distance and we could see no viewpoint across Lava Island.

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