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Location: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Multnomah Falls, Multnomah County
Stream: Wahkeena Creek
Alternate Names:

Height: 242 ft.
Access:   car   dog  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 100 ft.
Season: year-round
Form:   tiered
Lat/Long:45.57359, -122.12697
Directions:Along I-84, take exit 31 at the signed turnoff for Multnomah Falls (31 miles east of Portland). Drive 0.7 miles west of Multnomah Falls on the Columbia Gorge Scenic Hwy to the signed turnoff for Wahkeena Falls.

Wahkeena means "most beautiful" in Yakama Indian. Wahkeena Falls tumbles 242 ft. down a mountain side. There is a short half-mile hike from the road up to a closer vantage point on a bridge crossing Wahkeena Creek. You will get so close to the falls here, you will get wet for sure. There is usually so much spray here, it is difficult, if not impossible, to photograph the waterfall (especially in the wet season). If you continue climbing up the steep Wahkeena Trail, you will come to Necktie Falls and Fairy Falls (about 1 mile past Wahkeena Falls).

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