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Shoshone Falls at low flow
Location: Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls Park, Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls County
Alternate Names:

Height: 212 ft.
Access:   car   wheelchair   dog  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 3300 ft.
Season: Mar-Jun
Lat/Long:42.59640, -114.4012
Directions:From Hwy #93, on north end of city, turn east on Falls Avenue for 3 miles. Then turn north at the marked sign to Shoshone Falls for 2 miles.

When it is flowing at full tilt, Shoshone Falls is clearly a "10". It is an absolutely spectacular display of water and beauty. The problem is, that Shoshone Falls has not flowed in over 3 years. And we wonder when it will ever flow again.

We returned here in mid-June 2004, hoping to see a much better display than when we were here previously in July. According to the parks website, the falls' flow would be peaking in mid-June this year, and upstream Twin Falls was flowing spectacularly. Unfortunately, that peak flow was only 50 cubic ft. per second. Most of the Snake River is dammed and diverted here for agricultural use. So once again we were disappointed and hence, our low rating of this waterfall. Only in a heavy rain/snow year will there be enough water to allow Shoshone Falls to flow again. We would love to return here when that happens.

There is a parking fee at the park ($3.50), but fortunately there is a viewpoint before entering the gate, so you can see if its worth handing over your money before you enter the park.

Note: As of July 2005, the city of Twin Falls and the Idaho Power Co. at the falls has made an agreement that at least 300 cfs will flow over the falls during daylight hours. This is a great improvement over the previous agreement of 50 cfs, which has left ourselves and many others extremely disappointed when coming to see Shoshone Falls. However, the truth is that 300 cfs is still not nearly enough water flowing over Shoshone Falls to make it a good display. Consider that prior to the dam and irrigational diversions existing, flows of upwards of 20,000 to 30,000 cfs were common. Much more water is needed for Shoshone Falls. This is only going to happen during heavy rain/snow years, and Idaho is now going into its 6th straight year of drought.

Update: Apr. 2006. If you would like to see Shoshone Falls in its full glory, then this is the year to do it. Shoshone Falls has the most water flowing over it since 1997, thanks to a year of plentiful rain. But you would better get over to see it soon, before the dry summer is here.

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