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Location: Reardan, near Spokane, Spokane Indian Reservation, Lincoln County
Stream: Chamokane Creek
Alternate Names:

Height: 13 ft.
Access:   car  
Distance: n/a
Elevation: 1450 ft.
Season: Mar-Jul
Form:   horsetail
Lat/Long:47.86507, -117.85740
Directions:From Reardan on Hwy 2, drive north on Hwy 231 for 14.2 miles. Turn left on Martha Boardman Rd (about 0.7 miles past bridge over Spokane River). Drive 1.3 miles, then turn right onto unmarked road. Drive 0.7 miles then turn right onto Chamokane Falls Rd (unmarked). Drive 0.5 miles to picnic area beside creek at the falls.

Chamokane Falls is just a small 13 ft. falls out a long ways from anywhere in eastern Washington, but it is a pretty little thing.

I had thought this waterfall would be much nicer and bigger. Plumb indicates in his book it is 25-35 ft. high, but that is certainly not right. The main drop is only 13 ft. high. There is a lower cascade and if this is included in the overall height of the falls, then it might be 20 ft. high overall, but I didn't personally think the lower cascade should be included. In high water, it might look more impressive with the lower cascade included.

Anyway, if you are out this way then you might want to stop by and see it. It is fairly easy to get down to the base of the falls from the picnic area. It is quite a pretty falls, but it is far out from anywhere, and why would you be out this way?

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