Clear Creek Falls N/A

Location: McCloud, Mt. Shasta Wilderness, Shasta Trinity National Forest, Siskiyou County
Stream: Clear Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

Clear Creek Falls is a pretty 144 ft. high cascade, which would be quite remarkable to see in the spring when the snow is melting on Mt.Shasta. It is a strenuous off trail journey to get down to this falls.

From the Clear Creek trail, continue past the viewpoint for Mud Creek Canyon Falls (do not miss that spectacular waterfall). About 0.3 miles past the viewpoint (1.5 miles total), you need to cut off the main trail and head straight down to the bottom of the canyon. I found a bear trail that traversed the mountain side for a while, but eventually you just need to head straight down. It is certainly very steep, but it is not dangerous or cliffy. You lose 450 ft. in the descent, and then you will come to a great view of Clear Creek Falls. It did not look possible to get right down to the creek level, but the best views of the waterfall are from higher up anyway. The creek starts off with a pretty drop then cascades for a distance before the final 43 ft. plunge. I think it would be fantastic to see in the spring when the creek is flowing full from snow melt. The tough part of course will be going back up the mountain.

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