Fern Falls N/A

Location: Graeagle, Lakes Basin Recreation Area, Plumas National Forest, Plumas County
Stream: Unnamed
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

There are two ways to get to Fern Falls. The first way, we would call the "fun" way. The trail leads down across a footbridge, along the creek to the top of the waterfall. From there you can see the upper cascade of Fern Falls, about 15 feet high. You will also see that the waterfall has some lower cascades which you cannot see from this point, and seemingly no way down to view them. If you continue following the trail, it leads way around the cliff, scrambling over rocks, through brush, and eventually leads to an obscured overlook of the lower (main) cascade. But still no way down the cliff to get a closeup view. However, we found a faint trail down the cliff, finally getting us to the waterfall. It was fun, but its not for everyone. Fern Falls actually consists of about 4 or 5 cascades, totalling about 60 or 70 feet.

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