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Location: Flagstaff, Navajo Indian Reservation, Coconino County
Alternate Names:

Height: ~190 ft.
Access:   hike   dog  
Distance: 1 mile (RT)
Season: Mar-Jun
Lat/Long:35.427501, -111.199888
Directions:From I-40, 15 miles east of Flagstaff, take exit 211 at Winona. Drive 2.3 miles north to Leupp Rd. Turn right and drive 20.3 miles to unpaved and unsigned Indian Road 6910 (between mileposts 5 and 6). Turn left and drive along this rough road 9.4 miles to the turnoff on the left, which leads to the falls overlook (do not cross the Little Colorado River). Grand Falls can also be accessed from Indian Road 70 (instead of 6910). This road is located 15.0 miles along Leupp Rd (5.3 miles before Road 6910). Follow Road 70 8.4 miles to the same turnoff on the left before the Little Colorado River (Roads 6910 and 70 join together just before the turnoff). I recommend driving along Road 6910 instead of Road 70. Both roads are very rough going and you will need a 4x4 to drive them. But Road 6910 is much easier going and faster than Road 70.

What makes Grand Falls such a unique waterfall is the mud. Little Colorado River is a very muddy river, and it forms a large "mud fall" instead of a "water fall". Nonetheless, I was a bit disappointed with the falls. Little Colorado River was just trickling, despite the large amount of rain and snow they had in the weeks before I arrived. I figured it would be flowing much better than it was. Welcome to Arizona, which is not exactly known for its great waterfalls.

A short trail leads down to the base of the waterfall. It is an easy and interesting trail to the bottom, and gives you a different perspective of the waterfall from close-up. If the water was not so muddy, there would even be a nice pool for swimming here.

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