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Location: Wells Gray Provincial Park, Clearwater region
Stream: Murtle River
Alternate Names:

Height: 460 ft. (140.2 m)
Access:   car   hike   dog  
Distance: 2 miles (RT) (hike) (3.2 km)
Season: May-Oct
Form:   plunge
Lat/Long:51.954012, -120.176821
Directions:Follow Clearwater Valley road that enters Wells Gray Park north of Clearwater (km 40.9). The trailhead is just a few miles inside the park entrance. You can also drive right to a viewpoint of the falls. Continue on main road just past trailhead (km 42.2).

Helmcken Falls is not the first waterfall I have seen, but it is the one that really got me interested, excited, and appreciative of the beauty of the waterfall. The hike is easy, but take lots of mosquito repellent. We were essentially eaten alive before we returned to our cars (we were there in July). Those suckers go right through clothing, and do not care a whole lot about repellent either. But even if this is your last hike and the mosquitoes do kill you, it is well worth the effort to see this magnificent waterfall. Its stunning power is just overwhelming. Of course, you can take the easy way out and drive to the viewpoint (if you want to live a little longer), but you get a closer and more inspiring view from the trail.

Other Falls
There are many other waterfalls in Wells Gray Park. In fact, there are about 25 or so accessible falls, and many more that are inaccessible or can only be reached by boat. We only had a few days to spend there and so did not have time to explore very many of them. Some day I will return and check out these other waterfalls. Some that look particularly interesting and fairly easy to get to are: Canim Falls (Canim River), Deception Falls (Deception Crk), Sylvia Falls (Mahood River), Sticta Falls (Falls Crk), Majerus Falls (Murtle River), and Horseshoe Falls (Murtle River). In addition, 600 ft. Silvertip Falls is located along Spahats Creek Road (off Clearwater Valley Road at km 11.2), just past the visitor centre.

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Ross Brown
Winnipeg, MB
Taken from the North side, just off a large parking lot aand on a viewing platform.