Palisade Creek Falls N/A

Location: Soda Springs, Tahoe National Forest, Placer County
Stream: Palisade Creek
Alternate Names:

Lat/Long: n/a

Palisade Creek Falls is the bonus waterfall you will encounter as you hike down to Palisade Falls on the Palisade Creek Trail. I had suspected there might be a waterfall along this creek somewhere, but was very taken aback now that I have seen it for myself. Palisade Creek Falls cascades in three impressive tiers, about 100 ft. in total height. In the spring, when the creek has much more water, the waterfall is just spectacular. In addition to this, there is a lower Palisade Creek Falls as well, another incredible looking two-tiered waterfall, about 60 ft. high, found just before the creek dumps into the North Fork American River.

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