Paradise Canyon Falls N/A

Location: Auburn, Auburn State Recreation Area, Placer County
Stream: Todd Creek
Alternate Names: Todd Creek Falls

Lat/Long: n/a

Paradise Canyon Falls is just a small waterfall along a small creek. It cascades down from quite a height, however, into the Middle Fork of the American River, and you can scramble up the creek to explore the waterfall, though I would not travel all the way out here just to see the falls. However, it is definitely a wonderful area to visit. An awesome hiking trail starts from here (at the gate at the end of the road) and follows the river all the way to Fords Bar (4 miles one way). It has absolutely beautiful views of the river. Along the way, you will pass the infamous Ruck-A-Chucky rapids and Canyon Creek. There are waterfalls up Canyon Creek as well, but you will have to swim across the river and then scramble up the creek to get to them. We have not tried to get to these falls yet.

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