Upper Glen Alpine Falls N/A

Location: South Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Basin, El Dorado County
Stream: Glen Alpine Creek
Alternate Names: Modjeska Falls

Lat/Long: n/a

Upper Glen Alpine Creek Falls, aka Modjeska Falls, is a short, easy, and very pleasant walk starting from the Desolation Wilderness trailhead. The waterfall is located at an old abandoned cabin. The best place to get down to see the falls is right at the front of the cabin. Fortunately, no one lives here anymore and it is okay to do this. Upper Glen Alpine Falls is a small waterfall, only 32 ft. high, but it is a little spitfire when it is flowing well in the spring. Even in the Fall when creek flow is much less, it still is a very pretty waterfall (and it is easier to get down in front of the falls to view it).

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